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Application Questionnaire
Types of Positions

Types of positions: Below are brief descriptions of the types of positions available at Styrene Products. Please rank the positions in order of interest (1 being the HIGHEST interest and 4 being the LOWEST interest). If there are positions you are not interested in, please note “N/A” (not applicable) next to the position description.

Machine Operator: This position involves operating the hot wire cutting equipment we use tofabricate our parts. Machine operators must be:

1) Proficient in reading a tape measure (to measure parts and to setup wires on the equipment),

2) Proficient in reading and interpreting part drawings,

3) Able to work with others in a team setting.


Depending on the specific position, these positions may include some material handling and / or stretch wrapping of finished products.

Gluer – Assembly: This position involves gluing 2 or more component parts together into final assemblies using a hot melt adhesive. Gluers must be proficient in:

1) Reading a tape measure,

2) Understanding part drawings.


The day to day activities are low impact (handling very lightweight foam parts) but are repetitive. Gluers operate in a team setting and share a machine center with another person. Gluers are also responsible for bundling, labeling and stretch wrapping or boxing parts.

Gluer – Cutting: This position involves both a cutting and gluing operation. Operators must be able to:

1) Measure parts and also

2) Set wires on some cutting equipment, and

3) Read part drawings.


Operators work individually on their own equipment in their own work area.

Driver / Warehouse / Production Floater: This position encompasses a broad role that includes all of the activities necessary to support our daily operations, including but not limited to:

1) Loading and unloading trailers,

2) Material handling,

3) Operating grinding and bagging equipment,

4) Making local deliveries with our straight trucks,

5) If adequately trained, filling in for equipment operators or gluers when positions are open.

Do you understand these requirements?
Can you perform the requirements of this job without reasonable accomodation?

Complete only if you have interest in/applying for a DRIVER position:

Do you have the appropriate and valid drivers license?
Are you profecient in operating a vehicle with a manual transmission?
Had you had any moving violations?
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