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Styrene Products, Inc. - Custom Foam Packaging Products

Having trouble shipping product without damage? Are you looking for alternative foam/corrugate packaging material? 

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) from Styrene Products has been one of the most stable and cost effective materials in the packaging supply chain within the distribution industry.  

Contact or call (715)-359-6600 to discuss your project.

Styrene Products, Inc. is a Wisconsin based manufacturer of custom foam products and design services for protective foam packaging and custom insulation products. ​You can think of us as your 3rd party packaging engineering department.  

We are a packaging provider and supplier that can solve your packaging related issues. We exist to help you protect and/or insulate your product(s) and get them from point A to point B (or to point C and point D) safely and cost effectively.

Call (715) 359-6600 now or message and ask for a packaging specialist for a free consult.  

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