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About Us

We are here to help you with your packaging, shipping, and distribution related problems.  Whether it is material cost reduction, damage issues, a new or existing product that needs new packaging, or whatever your case may be; we can help.  


Value Added

Since 1979, we have been creating cost saving solutions for our customers by: 
  • Replacing ineffective packaging

  • Developing new packaging for new/existing product(s)

  • Designing packaging that works specific to your application

  • Reducing Rework


We use a material database which includes, but are not limited too, the following materials:




Polyurethane (including ester & ether materials)

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Applications


Call (715) 359-6600 or email to see what we can do for you.

Our Customers Thoughts

Don't take our word for it; take our customers:



"We've saved at least $10,000 this year by making the switch.  Thanks guys."




"We have product that absolutely can't be damaged and you guys finally solved our packaging problems."


"The cost savings has been an added benefit to our company.  Not to mention the packaging actually works and has reduced our damages, returns/rework, and claim rates.  Thank you for what you do."



"Your product not only is working, but its ergonomic as well.  My employees love that it is a light weight, clean, and non-messy packaging material."




"I never thought a little guy like me could have custom packaging for my products at such an economical cost."


All from satisfied current Styrene Products customers

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