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Design Services

We can help you protect your product.  Whether using your existing packing processes and materials or starting from scratch.  We will recommend the best solution for your application whether for in-house production or surviving all transit distribution environment types between small parcel (FedEx/UPS, etc), LTL/FT and rail to international (sea, air, etc).  We can protect it.  


We use a streamlined assessment process and work with you to determine the best solution to your packaging project.  


We can design and create using your ideas or from our own using over 30 years of experience in the protective packaging industry.  

Design & Sample Fabrication

After a consult, we design and sample concept product(s) for a test fit and sample run using our library of available materials.  

Re-sampling through potential revisions in order to get the right part are not a problem.  We want to get you something that works.  


Fast quoting service on potential packaging products and systems based off of your specific application, material usage, and order quantity.  


We do not provide a product catalog as each packaging part we create is custom to each individual application.  

We are equipped to handle small and large volumes using hot wire technology and the latest in 3D CADD/CAM software which includes Solidworks.  

You do not need to be a large manufacturer or business to get exactly what you need for packaging products.  


Once an approved price and part are finalized, we create your company in our electronic file system for confirmation of orders and approve packaging parts for production.  

We will deliver your orders using the most cost effective method available for in/out-of-state orders.  


We have our own transportation entity, Styrene Transport, which will make your deliveries easy, efficiently, and Just-In-Time.  However, we are NOT a 3rd party back-haul carrier.  


We can also use your preferred carrier service (3rd party carrier) or small parcel service (UPS, FedEx, Spee-Dee) dependent on actual size, weight of order, and shipping location.  




We are a recycling center for white expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam.  Material must be clean from dirt, debris, grease, tape, etc. to recycle. 


Please call to inquire about recycle programs on large volume recycling needs. 


Drop offs for individual/residential and/or commercial material available pending local, state, and federal recommendations.

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