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Choose between our standard, deluxe, and extreme thickness cover sizes!

Standard = 4" - 2.5"

Deluxe = 5" - 3"

Extreme = 6" - 4"

***Check your cover to determine your size***

***Check if your cover has center rods cutouts***

Hot Tub Covers - Replacement Panels

SKU: 36523641234523
  • Square Spa Covers

    The square hot tub cover is the easiest cover to measure. Simply measure your outside lip to lip, and add 1/2″ to each dimension. The only other dimension you will need is the skirt length.

    Rectangle Hot Tub Covers

    This is the same technique as the square spa, but make sure you request the fold direction you require. Most companies will by default cut the longest of the two sides in half.

    Square or Rectangle with Radius Corners

    Follow the square and rectangle spa cover procedure and add the radius measurement.

    Round Hot Tub Covers

    It is simple to measure a cover for a round hot tub. You only need the lip to lip measurement. If your old cover is measurable just measure across the seam. Remember to add 1/2″ of play. The only other measurement needed is the skirt length.

    Octagon Covers

    For the octagon spa cover, measure from lip to lip and add 1/2″ of play. Also, measure one panel of the octagon from point to point. The only other measurement needed is the skirt length.

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